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11-30-2005, 01:28 AM   #1
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Default The Fantasy Art of T.King Prints Online

The Fantasy Art of T.King Prints Online:

* IMPORTANT NOTE * The sample thumbnail images on Cafe Press appear to be much darker than the actual print. I believe this is due to 2 things. 1.) Watermarking overlay 2.) Resizing a 7000x4600 image to a thumbnail may be causing darker colours to bleed.

* Current Update - 11/24/2005: Prints are finally available online!

The following Prints are 'planned' to be available prior Christmas 2005:

- Red Planet - Available Now
- Castle Eidengard - Available Now
- Flight of Eidengard (previously known as Flight of Castle) - (status: 50%)
- Statuspire Keep - Available Now
- Millworks Third Age - (status: 90%)
- Thettlewood Falls - (previously known as Thorne Falls) (status: 80%)
- Nordengarde - (status: 50%)
- Lochen Kingdom (new to collection - 60%)
- Air Ship (new to collection - 50%)
- Nomad (new to collection - 25%)

Possible last minute additions:

- Cloud Citadel
- Mystral Valla

* The reason it is taking so long, is each image is reproduced specifically for print. Print Edition images are dramatically enhanced, and take a substantial amount of work to get all the additional detail and hand-painted textures incorporated. Also, it takes a while to render images at 7000x4600 resolution at 600dpi, especially when some scenes contain as many as 30,000+ objects and 10's of millions of vertices. Scenes like Red Planet utilizes an enormous amount of system resources, as it contains a lot of animation for a short film I've been working on.

* Previous Update - 11/10/2005: Prints are finally available online!

Prints are finally online!!!

The Fantasy Art of T.King Prints Online:

The solution to finally finding the time to get prints online was easy. Once I realized the time wasn't there, I found someone else to run my prints store. This was the "I'm too busy to get it going solution" that most other artists have faced. Many of the images in my Digital Art gallery will make it to my prints store, but the print editions of the images in that gallery are far superior. The images are reproduced at incredible resolution and dpi, since they had to be reproduced I've taken the time to incorporate a much greater detail, improving the image colours and contrast for print dyes/inks. Below are the prints that will be initially available:

- Initial Prints (more to follow): Mistwood, Secluded, Paladin, and Angelica.
- Poster Print Sizes: 35"x23" Large and 20"x16" Small.
- Framed (full bleed) 14"x10" print in a 19"x13" frame.
- Large Coffee Mugs.
- Postcards.


* I highly recommend a 36" x 24" frame like the one shown in the example above, with a black matte 1/2" border inset. You can make your own inset with a simple roll of black satin ribbon and a glue stick.


First Impressions: Prints

Mistwood on a large print is simply put: "radiant beauty", it really is absolutely incredible to look at. While I am the artist; prone to bias - Mistwood has an overwhelming magical, fantastical, mysterious power eminating - it is hard to stop looking at. If you pick this print up, please stop by here and post your impressions of it.

An important note about prints: Quality

Please be aware that the example images on my website are not indicative of the final print. The Print Edtions contain a great deal more detail, and enhancements in general that are superior to the images on my website. I want people who pick up my prints to be blown away by the detail, and quality.

All original images for large poster prints are sent out at 7000x4600 high-print-dpi resolution 32 bit colour.
The Artist.

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