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Category: Beta InterfacesMaddyCoreCraft (Concept)
Interface Information
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Name: MaddyCoreCraft (Concept)
Date: 06-02-2009 08:37 AM
Size: 42.00 Kb
Version: 1.0
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I'm throwing this out here more as a concept than an actual UI that I plan to release and update.

I really liked the functionality of MaddyCraft and was using it for a while, but I learned crafting using CoreFlash and I missed it terribly.

So I figured that all the functions of Maddy with the actual action section of CoreFlash would be my perfect crafting UI and it's turned out great for me and it works so far!

Here's a few things to keep in mind though for this;

1. I have edited some of the font colors to show on a dark / black background clearly (DarkSteel, DarkerUI which is what I use).

Namely the recipe details etc so if you've go the default UI or light colored window backgrounds the font will be white and won't be too clear.

Due to my inexperience of course I didn't keep an exact record of what I changed, but the original font color was brown and I changed it to white in the files and lines below (possibly elsewhere too...);

Maddy_CraftingRecipeDetails.xml; line 53 and 176 and Maddy_RefiningStart.xml line 309 and 432.

2. None of the code is mine, I did a dirty combination, some renaming and editing out of some components.

3. If anyone with actual coding knowledge would like to pick up on this idea, think it's worth polishing to a release standard then please, get in touch!

The installation should be just exactly as per MaddyCraft which I've copied and pasted below along with the credits to the original authors.

Please have a look at MadOverlord's original MaddyCraft page for details and of course the wonderful original mod.

Please keep in mind I'm not a mod author, have little to no knowledge of coding and I just made this for myself.

However, I think it's a good enough idea and end result that many other people might enjoy this as a released addon.


To include in a custom Mod follow these step:
  1. Download and unpack the ZIP-File
  2. Copy the contents of the included "Textures"- and "Windows"-Folder into the corresponding Folder of the custum UI.
  3. Open the "SkinInfo.xml" of your custom-UI (with NotePad or some any other editor) and include these lines:

    <AnimationDefinitions directory="Textures">
    <AnimationDefinition filename="MaddyParts.xml"/>

    Save the file.
  4. Open the "Index.xml"-File of your custom-UI (with NotePad or some any other editor) and search for the section
  5. Find the following lines and comment them out as needed or even delete them:

    <Window filename="VGUICrafting.xml"/>
    <Window filename="VGUICraftingActions.xml"/>
    <Window filename="VGUICraftingCatalyst.xml"/>
    <Window filename="VGUICraftingComplications.xml"/>
    <Window filename="VGUICraftingInventory.xml"/>
    <Window filename="VGUICraftingRemedies.xml"/>
    <Window filename="VGUICraftingToolbelts.xml"/>
    <Window filename="VGUICraftingWorkbench.xml"/>
    <Window filename="VGUICraftingWorkbenchFilling.xml"/>
    <Window filename="VGUIRefiningStart.xml"/>
  6. Search for any other "VGUICrafting...xml" and "VGUIRefiningStart.xml" entries within the file, probably from other Crafting-Mods included in your custom-UI and comment them out or delete them.
  7. Add the following lines to the "Index.xml"-File:

    <GameplayWindows directory="Windows">
    <Window filename="Maddy_Crafting.xml"/>
    <Window filename="Maddy_CraftingRecipeDetails.xml"/>
    <Window filename="Maddy_CraftingSkills.xml"/>
    <Window filename="Maddy_RefiningStart.xml"/>
    <Window filename="Maddy_TableSetup.xml"/>
  8. Save the file and launch Vanguard!
Credits to:
Sweetwheat, Xyndyr, Nadger, Mother, Taiisien and MadOverlord who all put in the actual work originally, thanks!
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Old 06-04-2009, 07:16 PM  

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I'd try it if I were playing Vanguard anymore. This last patch killed my desire to play the game.
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Old 06-03-2009, 10:17 PM  
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I had hoped for some kind of feedback here, I see that 3 people tried this at least....
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