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Text Formatting

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Authors: Parmon
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Sometimes instead of using multiple TextFields anchored to eachother you want to just add a % after some text. Vanguard provides a couple tags for formatting text inside of a textfields <Text> element.

Main Formatters

  • <gamevar=SomeGameVar>
Adds the contents of a game variable
  • <color=somecolor>text</color>
Colors the containing text
  • <nl>
New Line
  • <size=10></size>
Changes the size of containing text
  • <indent=10></indent>
Indents the contained text a certain number of pixels
  • <image=VgrdImageName>
Inserts an image into the text. mainly used for bullets
Examples being VgrdBulletWhite, VgrdBulletGreen, VgrdBulletRed
  • <vgv=SomeGameVar></vgv>
Contents will only be visible only if the var returns a non false value
  • <highlight></color>
Highlights the contained to a lighter version of the current color defined.

Less Common

  • <pcname></link>
Makes a name meant for click to tell
  • <item=0:0::0,0,0,></link>
Used with linking items in chat

When using all < and > must be replaced by < and >


<Text><gamevar=StatusHitpointsSelf.Percent> %</Text>

This would display your current health percent. 100 % . Next

<Text><gamevar=StatusHitpointsSelf.Percent> <color=yellow>%</color></Text>

Will display the same thing but the % sign is colored yellow.

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