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Old 12-16-2009, 03:52 PM
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Default Gear Switcher

I am attempting to install Gear Switcher and having no luck making it appear or do anything at all.

I use MyUI latest version and it works without a hitch. I don't suspect it's the problem but maybe there's a compatibility issue?

I set it up according to the instructions and have rechecked everyting several times. I went to the site and did that part, then set up to save the first set of gear and couldn't find the button for it anywhere.

I'd appreciate any help you could offer.

OS is Windows 7

Installation instructions:

GearSwitcher UI Mod by Soresha - Installation Notes
================================================== ========

Please note that GearSwitcher is not a full UI mod. It is a collection of XML files
that can be installed into any other UI mod to add further functionality.
Assuming you already have another UI mod installed, you can add the GearSwitcher UI mod to it
by completing the steps given below.


1) Copy the entire GearSwitcher directory from the zip file into the top level directory for your UI mod,
e.g. at:

C:\Program Files\Vanguard\VGUIAssets\Shells\YourUI\GearSwitch er

2) Add the following lines to the bottom of your mod's Index.xml file, above the final </XML> line.

<GameplayWindows directory="GearSwitcher">
<Window filename="GearSwitcher.xml" />


3) Go to to create your XML files for your characters
and your sets of gear.

My index.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
<XML id="SGOUIMarkupLanguage" version="0.1"
xsi:schemaLocation=" ../../vanguard-ui.xsd">

<!-- These windows are required for the client to startup. They are loaded at initial run-time.
Removing windows or window components from these files is likely to cause crashes. -->
<SystemWindows directory="..\Default\Windows">
<Window filename="VGUICharacterCreationWnd.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIChatWnd.xml"/>
<!-- Window filename="VGUICompass.xml"/ -->
<Window filename="VGUIExaminePopups.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIHotkeyMacro.xml"/>
<!-- Window filename="VGUIHotkeys.xml"/ -->
<Window filename="VGUILoginWnd.xml"/>
<!-- Window filename="VGUIMainBar.xml"/ -->
<Window filename="VGUISettingsWnd.xml"/>

<!-- These gameplay windows are loaded when you enter the game.
Gameplay windows are significantly safer to edit than system windows. -->
<GameplayWindows directory="..\Default\Windows">
<!--<Window filename="RiftMaps.xml"/>-->
<!-- Window filename="VGUIAbilities.xml"/ -->
<Window filename="VGUIAcceptDecline.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIAssembly.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIAssemblyTimer.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIAssemblyTrainer.xml"/>
<!-- Window filename="VGUIAttachedAbilities.xml"/ -->
<Window filename="VGUIAttackResultsDisplay.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIBank.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIBugReport.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIBuildingConstruction.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIBuildingInformationWnd.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIBuildingInventory.xml"/>
<!-- Window filename="VGUICastBar.xml"/ -->
<Window filename="VGUICharacter.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIClaimWnd.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICombatInv.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIConversion.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICorpseList.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICountdown.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICrafting.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICraftingActions.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICraftingCatalyst.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICraftingComplications.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICraftingInventory.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICraftingRemedies.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICraftingToolbelts.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICraftingWorkbench.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICraftingWorkbenchFilling.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICurrentWorkOrders.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIDeathReleasePopup.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIDialogs.xml"/>
<!-- Window filename="VGUIEncounterDisplay.xml"/ -->
<Window filename="VGUIEventDisplay.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIEventDisplayEntry.xml"/>
<!-- Window filename="VGUIGroup.xml"/ -->
<Window filename="VGUIGroupLootOptions.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIGuildManagement.xml"/>
<!-- Window filename="VGUIHarvestingBonusYield.xml"/ -->
<Window filename="VGUIHarvestingDisplay.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIInspect.xml"/>
<!-- Window filename="VGUIInventory.xml"/ -->
<!-- Window filename="VGUIInventoryContainerTemplate.xml"/ -->
<!-- Window filename="VGUIInventoryPopups.xml"/ -->
<Window filename="VGUILoot.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIMailWnd.xml"/>
<!-- Window filename="VGUIMaintainedAbilities.xml"/ -->
<!-- Window filename="VGUIMap.xml"/ -->
<Window filename="VGUIMarketWnd.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIMemTimeRemaining.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIMerchant.xml"/>
<!--Window filename="VGUIMinions.xml"/ -->
<!-- Window filename="VGUIMiniMap.xml"/ -->
<Window filename="VGUINPCOptionsMenu.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIObjectInteraction.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIParley.xml"/>
<!-- Window filename="VGUIPet.xml"/ -->
<Window filename="VGUIPetitionWnd.xml"/>
<!-- Window filename="VGUIPlayerStatus.xml"/ -->
<!-- Window filename="VGUIQuests.xml"/ -->
<Window filename="VGUIQuestStatus.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIRandomLootInvitation.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIReactions.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIRecipeTrainer.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIRefiningActions.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIRefiningAlerts.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIRefiningStart.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIRefiningStatus.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUISailing.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUISocialWnd.xml"/>
<!-- Window filename="VGUISong.xml"/ -->
<Window filename="VGUITaskMasterWorkOrders.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUITrade.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUITrainer.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUITutorial.xml"/>
<Window filename="DiplomacyComponents\VGUIParleyCard.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIParleyStrategy.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUITestData.xml"/>
<!--Window filename="VGUIRaidManagement.xml"/-->
<Window filename="SettingsCustomWindows.xml"/>
<!-- Window filename="VGUITargetBuffs.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUITargetBuffsNoText.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUITargetDebuffs.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUITargetDebuffsNoText.xml"/ -->
<Window filename="VGUITargetDebuffsMine.xml"/>
<!-- Window filename="VGUITargetWeaknesses.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUITargetWeaknessesNoText.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIIconTargetSpellsAndWeaknesses.xml"/ -->

<SystemWindows directory="Windows">
<Window filename="myUI_Compass.xml"/>
<Window filename="myUI_Hotkeys.xml"/>
<Window filename="myUI_partsFromVGUIMainBar.xml"/>

<GameplayWindows directory="Windows">
<Window filename="myUI_InfoWindows.xml"/>
<!-- Window filename="myUI_EncounterDisplay.xml" / -->
<Window filename="myUI_NewHUDEncounterDisplay.xml"/>
<Window filename="myUI_ExperienceBar.xml"/>
<Window filename="myUI_Group.xml"/>
<Window filename="myUI_VertHealerBar.xml"/>
<Window filename="myUI_Inventory.xml"/>
<Window filename="myUI_InventoryContainerTemplate.xml"/>
<Window filename="myUI_InventoryPopups.xml"/>
<Window filename="myUI_Minions.xml"/>
<Window filename="myUI_PlayerStatus.xml"/>
<Window filename="myUI_partsFromVGUIPlayerStatus.xml"/>
<Window filename="myUI_Quests.xml"/>
<Window filename="myUI_Settings.xml"/>
<Window filename="myUI_Song.xml"/>
<Window filename="myUI_TargetBuffs.xml"/>
<Window filename="myUI_TargetDebuffs.xml"/>
<Window filename="myUI_TargetWeaknesses.xml"/>
<Window filename="myUI_MySpellEffects.xml"/>
<Window filename="myUI_RaidManagement.xml"/>

<GameplayWindows directory="Windows">
<Window filename="Drox_HotbarG15.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_HotbarNumpad.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_Abilities.xml"/>

<!-- Support for independent map projects -->
<GameplayWindows directory="Map">
<Window filename="VGUIMap.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIMiniMap.xml"/>
<Window filename="RiftMaps.xml"/>
<GameplayWindows directory="GearSwitcher">
<Window filename="GearSwitcher.xml" />


My skininfo.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<XML id="SGOUIMarkupLanguage" version="0.1"
xsi:schemaLocation=" ../../vanguard-ui.xsd">
<SkinInfo name="Vgrd">
<AnimationDefinitions directory="../Default/Textures">
<!-- <AnimationDefinition filename="RiftAnimations.xml"/> -->
<!-- not used atm, these files are changing the basic look of the UI / removing these files from the default UI allows me to "skin" the UI
<AnimationDefinition filename="VgrdBackgrounds.xml"/>
<AnimationDefinition filename="VgrdMinimap.xml"/>
<AnimationDefinition filename="VgrdParts.xml"/>
<AnimationDefinition filename="VgrdParts02.xml"/>
<AnimationDefinition filename="VgrdParts03.xml"/>
<AnimationDefinition filename="VgrdParts04.xml"/> -->
<AnimationDefinition filename="VgrdChat.xml"/>
<AnimationDefinition filename="VgrdDiplomacy.xml"/>
<AnimationDefinition filename="VgrdStories.xml"/>

<!-- Support for independent map projects -->
<AnimationDefinitions directory="Map">
<AnimationDefinition filename="MapSkin.xml"/><!-- This file now supports the infoMap project == by Soresha, Cobal, & Xndyr -->
<AnimationDefinition filename="RiftAnimations.xml"/>
<!-- End -->

<!-- Custom Animations // This is for the journal/abilities window by Drox -->
<AnimationDefinitions directory="Textures">
<AnimationDefinition filename="BookParts.xml"/>

<AnimationDefinitions directory="Textures">
<!-- These files are always used with myUI and are necessary with or without a skin, each should be in the folder with the associated texture file -->
<AnimationDefinition filename="myUIparts.xml"/>
<AnimationDefinition filename="myUIBackgrounds.xml"/>
<AnimationDefinition filename="VgrdMinimap.xml"/>
<!-- These files are used when the UI Mod is Skinned -->
<AnimationDefinition filename="VgrdParts.xml"/>
<AnimationDefinition filename="VgrdParts02.xml"/>
<AnimationDefinition filename="VgrdParts03.xml"/>
<AnimationDefinition filename="VgrdParts04.xml"/>
<!-- not used atm, these files are changing the basic look of the UI / removing these files from the default UI allows me to "skin" the UI

<ExternalControl type="CloseBox">
<!-- Parent HT -->
<!-- Relative Position -->
<Point x="-5" y="4"/>
<ExternalControl type="MinimizeBox">
<!-- Parent HT -->
<!-- Relative Position -->
<Point x="-20" y="5"/>
<ExternalControl type="RollupBox">
<!-- Parent HT -->
<!-- Relative Position -->
<Point x="7" y="4"/>

<!--Title bar setting options-->
<TitleBarTextSettings color="gold" size="12">
<Point x="0" y="2"/>

<BackgroundOffsets topEdge="-5" bottomEdge="5" leftEdge="-8" rightEdge="8"/>

<BackgroundOffsetsFrameAll topEdge="-4" bottomEdge="4" leftEdge="-4" rightEdge="4"/>

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Old 12-17-2009, 12:47 PM
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The index.xml looks fine, and the skininfo.xml doesn't matter for GearSwitcher. So I'd guess the directory and/or the GearSwitcher.xml file are in the wrong place.

I'm not familiar with MyUI at all, but assuming you have ShellName="MyUI" it should be:

C:\Program Files\Vanguard\VGUIAssets\Shells\MyUI\GearSwitcher \GearSwitcher.xml

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Old 12-18-2009, 12:43 PM
Suziekew Suziekew is offline
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Yes, that's where the file is living. Also, I have tried to install the diplo mini cards and maddy's crafting and have had no luck there either. Nothing is being recognized in the index.xml and the skininfo.xml files. I can only suspect there is something about MyUI that prevents any other addons from being recognized. Is that possible?
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Old 12-18-2009, 01:57 PM
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I don't think I can really help you at this point.

Maybe there are people hanging around here who use MyUI who can help you out?

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Old Yesterday, 09:03 PM
Anarissa Anarissa is offline
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Just tossing a guess here, but did you comment out the MyUI parts that you replaced? They need to either be deleted from the skininfo and index, or better yet, commented out before any addons would work.
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