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Old 09-27-2008, 05:56 PM
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Default MaddyCraft 2.12 problems

Hello I am hoping someone can help me. noone on the comments under this mod is responding, i also sent the maker a private message. so far nothing. So my problem is getting this to work. I followed the directions to the letter, tried it in drox and myui, both wont work, so i tested slcustom to see if it was maddy itself, it works beautifly in slcustom. Unfortunatly im not willing to use slcustom I want drox or myui. so how does one get it to work in these?
thank you in advance for any help
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Old 09-28-2008, 03:59 AM
eugam eugam is offline
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Very hard to answer. Could you post your Index.xml and SkinInfo.xml please.
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Old 09-28-2008, 03:35 PM
Lao Lao is offline
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Madoverlord (the creator) contacted me, just sent the index and skin info via email, so hopefully he/she (im sorry mad i dont know your gender! >< ) can figure it out, my husband and i sure as heck can't seem to lol. thanks for the reply none te less!!
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Old 09-30-2008, 06:12 PM
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Well still no luck getting maddy to work, tried the new files sent to me, and bags wont work, maddy works perfect but i cant open my bags tried B , shift B clicking on the individual containers, nothing. took all maddy parts out and i can use bags again.

So tried a fresh iinstall of droxui , took the user file in drox , pasted it into bin, reput the maddy files in and bags still dont work. If all this isnt frustrating enough every time i try something new basicly means I have to resetup all my spells and layout (saving te layout seems to work for most peices but not all) which is annoying

I'm really not sure what else to try, I have even tried going through the index etc files looking for what is different in the plain drox ones and the maddy added ones, i cant see anything different but then again im not a programmer. all the inventory doodads are still in a maddy modified droxui, I just dont understand.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

p.s. why dont i just not use maddy you ask? it makes tradeskilling alot easier thats why!
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Old 09-30-2008, 06:50 PM
tervalas's Avatar
tervalas tervalas is online now
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again, if you posted your index.xml and skininfo.xml here it would help us see if we can find something wrong.

Plus, just to be sure though I'm sure Maddy thought of it, are you using the latest version of it?
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Old 09-30-2008, 07:28 PM
Lao Lao is offline
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Yes it is the latest drox.
Here is the index

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
<XML id="SGOUIMarkupLanguage" version="0.1"
xsi:schemaLocation=" ../../vanguard-ui.xsd">
<!-- Backgrounds needs to be loaded first. -->
<SystemWindows directory="Windows">
<Window filename="Drox_Backgrounds.xml"/>

<!-- These windows are required for the client to startup. They are loaded at initial run-time.
Removing windows or window components from these files is likely to cause crashes. -->
<SystemWindows directory="..\Default\Windows">
<Window filename="VGUICharacterCreationWnd.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIChatWnd.xml"/>
<!--Window filename="VGUICompass.xml"/-->
<Window filename="VGUIExaminePopups.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIHotkeyMacro.xml"/>
<!--Window filename="VGUIHotkeys.xml"/-->
<Window filename="VGUILoginWnd.xml"/>
<!--Window filename="VGUIMainBar.xml"/-->
<Window filename="VGUISettingsWnd.xml"/>
<!-- These gameplay windows are loaded when you enter the game.
Gameplay windows are significantly safer to edit than system windows. -->
<GameplayWindows directory="..\Default\Windows">
<!-- Window filename="RiftMaps.xml"/ -->
<!-- Window filename="VGUIAbilities.xml"/ -->
<Window filename="VGUIAcceptDecline.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIAssembly.xml"/>
<!--Window filename="VGUIAssemblyTimer.xml"/-->
<Window filename="VGUIAssemblyTrainer.xml"/>
<!-- Window filename="VGUIAttachedAbilities.xml"/ -->
<Window filename="VGUIAttackResultsDisplay.xml"/>
<!--Window filename="VGUIBank.xml"/ -->
<Window filename="VGUIBugReport.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIBuildingConstruction.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIBuildingInformationWnd.xml"/>
<!--Window filename="VGUIBuildingInventory.xml"/-->
<!-- Window filename="VGUICastBar.xml"/ -->
<Window filename="VGUICharacter.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIClaimWnd.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICombatInv.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIConversion.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICorpseList.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICountdown.xml"/>
<!-- <Window filename="VGUICrafting.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICraftingActions.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICraftingCatalyst.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICraftingComplications.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICraftingInventory.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICraftingRemedies.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICraftingToolbelts.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICraftingWorkbench.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICraftingWorkbenchFilling.xml"/>
--> <Window filename="VGUICurrentWorkOrders.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIDeathReleasePopup.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIDialogs.xml"/>
<!-- Window filename="VGUIEncounterDisplay.xml"/ -->
<Window filename="VGUIEventDisplay.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIEventDisplayEntry.xml"/>
<!-- Window filename="VGUIGroup.xml"/ -->
<Window filename="VGUIGroupLootOptions.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIGuildManagement.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIHarvestingDisplay.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIInspect.xml"/>
<!-- Window filename="VGUIInventory.xml"/ -->
<!-- Window filename="VGUIInventoryContainerTemplate.xml"/ -->
<!-- Window filename="VGUIInventoryPopups.xml"/ -->
<Window filename="VGUILoot.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIMailWnd.xml"/>
<!-- Window filename="VGUIMaintainedAbilities.xml"/ -->
<!-- Window filename="VGUIMap.xml"/ -->
<!-- Window filename="VGUIMarketWnd.xml"/ -->
<Window filename="VGUIMemTimeRemaining.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIMerchant.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIMinions.xml"/>
<!-- Window filename="VGUIMiniMap.xml"/ -->
<Window filename="VGUINPCOptionsMenu.xml"/>
<!--Window filename="VGUIObjectInteraction.xml"/-->
<Window filename="VGUIParley.xml"/>
<!-- Window filename="VGUIPet.xml"/ -->
<Window filename="VGUIPetitionWnd.xml"/>
<!-- Window filename="VGUIPlayerStatus.xml"/ -->
<!-- Window filename="VGUIQuests.xml"/ -->
<Window filename="VGUIQuestStatus.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIRandomLootInvitation.xml"/>
<!-- Window filename="VGUIReactions.xml"/ -->
<Window filename="VGUIRecipeTrainer.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIRefiningActions.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIRefiningAlerts.xml"/>
<!-- Window filename="VGUIRefiningStart.xml"/ -->
<Window filename="VGUIRefiningStatus.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUISailing.xml"/>
<!-- Window filename="VGUISocialWnd.xml"/ -->
<Window filename="VGUISong.xml"/>
<!-- Window filename="VGUITaskMasterWorkOrders.xml"/ -->
<Window filename="VGUITrade.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUITrainer.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUITutorial.xml"/>
<Window filename="DiplomacyComponents\VGUIParleyCard.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIParleyStrategy.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUITestData.xml"/>
<!-- Window filename="VGUIRaidManagement.xml"/ -->
<!--Window filename="VGUITargetBuffs.xml"/-->
<!--Window filename="VGUITargetBuffsNoText.xml"/-->
<!--Window filename="VGUITargetDebuffs.xml"/-->
<!--Window filename="VGUITargetDebuffsNoText.xml"/-->
<!--Window filename="VGUITargetDebuffsMine.xml"/-->
<!--Window filename="VGUITargetWeaknesses.xml"/-->
<!--Window filename="VGUITargetWeaknessesNoText.xml"/-->
<!--Window filename="VGUIIconTargetSpellsAndWeaknesses.xml"/-->
<Window filename="VGUITrialWnd.xml"/>
<!-- Changed Files -->
<SystemWindows directory="Windows">
<Window filename="Drox_GameMenu.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_Hotbar12x12.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_HotbarContainers.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_HotbarForms.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_HotbarG15.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_Hotbars3x4.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_HotbarNumpad.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_HotbarsMeleeAndRanged.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_HotbarsWindowButtons.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_HotbarMain.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_HotbarN52.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_HotbarsHorizontal.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_HotbarsVertical.xml"/>
<!-- Support for independent map projects -->
<GameplayWindows directory="Map">
<Window filename="VGUIMap.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIMiniMap.xml"/>
<Window filename="RiftMaps.xml"/>
<GameplayWindows directory="Maddy/Windows">
<!-- RefiningStart with one recipe macro bar -->
<!--<Window filename="Maddy_RefiningStart.xml"/>-->
<!-- RefiningStart with three continental recipe macro bars -->
<Window filename="Maddy_RefiningStart_Conti.xml"/>
<!-- RefiningStart without recipe macros -->
<!--<Window filename="Maddy_RefiningStart_No_Macros.xml"/>-->
<Window filename="Maddy_TableSetup.xml"/>
<Window filename="Maddy_Crafting.xml"/>
<Window filename="Maddy_CraftingRecipeDetails.xml"/>
<Window filename="Maddy_CraftingSkills.xml"/>
<GameplayWindows directory="Windows">
<Window filename="Drox_Abilities.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_AssemblyTimer.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_BreathMeter.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_BufferHotbar.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_CastBar.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_Clock.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_ClothingChanger.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_CompassClock.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_ControlPanel.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_DefensiveTarget.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_EncounterHUDVertical.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_ExperienceBar.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_GroupInvite.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_GroupHUDVertical.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_GroupHUDVerticalInflight.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_HealerHotbarVertical.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_GroupLeaderAndLootInfo.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_InformationBar.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_ObjectInteraction.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_OffensiveTarget.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_Pet.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_PetStatus.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_PlayerStatus.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_Quests.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_ReactionAbilitiesVertical.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_TextBuffs.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_TextDebuffs.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_TextMaintainedAbilities.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_TextTargetBuffs.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_TextTargetDebuffs.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_TextTargetDebuffsMine.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_TextTargetWeaknesses.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_UILoader.xml"/>
<Window filename="Cylus_AttributeData.xml"/>
<Window filename="ExpandedTaskMasterWorkOrders.xml"/>
<!--<Window filename="ExpandedRefiningStart.xml"/>-->
<Window filename="Drox_RaidManagement.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUISocialWnd.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_MarketWnd.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_Inventory.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_InventoryContainerTemplate.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_InventoryPopups.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_BuildingInventory.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_Bank.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_Compass.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_LagMeter.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_DefensiveTargetHUD.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_EncounterWindowDefault.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_EncounterHUDHorizontal.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_EncounterHUDVerticalUp.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_GroupWindowDefault.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_GroupWindowHorizontal.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_GroupWindowHorizontalInflight.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_GroupHUDHorizontal.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_HealerHotbarHorizontal.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_IconBuffsAndDebuffs.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_IconMaintainedAbilities.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_TextBuffsUp.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_TextDebuffsUp.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_TextMaintainedAbilitiesUp.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_IconTargetBuffs.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_IconTargetDebuffs.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_IconTargetDebuffsMine.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_IconTargetWeaknesses.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_TextTargetBuffsUp.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_TextTargetDebuffsUp.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_TextTargetWeaknessesUp.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_PetStatusHUD.xml"/>
<Window filename="Drox_ReactionAbilitiesHorizontal.xml"/>
Move window references that you don't use in your layout between these begin/end statements
so that they don't load. This will improve the performance of your game.

and here is the skin info:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<XML id="SGOUIMarkupLanguage" version="0.1"
xsi:schemaLocation=" ../../vanguard-ui.xsd">
<SkinInfo name="Vgrd">
<!-- Custom Animations -->
<AnimationDefinitions directory="Textures">
<AnimationDefinition filename="DroxParts.xml"/>
<AnimationDefinition filename="BookParts.xml"/>
<AnimationDefinitions directory="..\Default\Textures">
<!-- AnimationDefinition filename="RiftAnimations.xml"/ -->
<AnimationDefinition filename="VgrdBackgrounds.xml"/>
<AnimationDefinition filename="VgrdChat.xml"/>
<AnimationDefinition filename="VgrdParts.xml"/>
<AnimationDefinition filename="VgrdParts02.xml"/>
<AnimationDefinition filename="VgrdParts03.xml"/>
<AnimationDefinition filename="VgrdParts04.xml"/>
<AnimationDefinition filename="VgrdDiplomacy.xml"/>
<AnimationDefinition filename="VgrdMinimap.xml"/>
<AnimationDefinition filename="VgrdStories.xml"/>
<!-- Standardized Map Skins -->
<AnimationDefinitions directory="Map">
<AnimationDefinition filename="MapSkin.xml"/>
<AnimationDefinition filename="RiftAnimations.xml"/>
<!-- MaddyCraft Animations -->
<AnimationDefinitions directory="Maddy/Textures">
<AnimationDefinition filename="MaddyParts.xml"/>
<!--<AnimationDefinition filename="MaddyBackground.xml"/>-->
<ExternalControl type="CloseBox">
<!-- Parent HT -->
<!-- Relative Position -->
<Point x="-5" y="4"/>
<ExternalControl type="MinimizeBox">
<!-- Parent HT -->
<!-- Relative Position -->
<Point x="-20" y="5"/>
<ExternalControl type="RollupBox">
<!-- Parent HT -->
<!-- Relative Position -->
<Point x="7" y="4"/>
<!--Title bar setting options-->
<TitleBarTextSettings color="gold" size="12">
<Point x="0" y="2"/>

<BackgroundOffsets topEdge="-5" bottomEdge="5" leftEdge="-8" rightEdge="8"/>

<BackgroundOffsetsFrameAll topEdge="-4" bottomEdge="4" leftEdge="-4" rightEdge="4"/>

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Old 09-30-2008, 09:08 PM
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the latest version of drox UI has been modded to with a small inventour bag mod, I will have to look and see if maddy craft tries to use any of the peices of the inventory bags. it sounds like the problem is there.

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Old 09-30-2008, 09:38 PM
Craeat Craeat is offline
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Posts: 83

I just got done testing maddy craft with drox and have been able to get it to work, here is what you need.

1) copy the contents of the textures folder in maddy to the texture folder in drox.
2) copy the contents of the windows folder in maddy to the windows folder of drox.
3) use the attached index.xml and skininfo.xml

4) enjoy
Attached Files
File Type: xml Index.xml (10.7 KB, 5 views)
File Type: xml SkinInfo.xml (2.3 KB, 3 views)
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Old 10-01-2008, 12:04 PM
Lao Lao is offline
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Thank you for trying, still cant open bags, this is so very aggrivating.It did get further ten it normally does, usually if i put the window and textures files directly in their corespponding folders rather then putting the entire maddy folder in the first section i cant even log in, so was able to log in this time just still no bags
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Old 10-01-2008, 05:32 PM
Craeat Craeat is offline
Join Date: Nov 2007
Posts: 83

that is entirely weird because I tested all the maddy craft windows and the drox bags windows before I posted the instructions and the index and skininfo files for you to use and everything worked.

I hate to ask this but you did follow my instructions step by step and downloaded and used the index and skininfo files I posted in this thread?

If you did then I am at a loss why they are not working.

can you zip up your entire shells folder and get it to me and I can see what is wrong.

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