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Old 05-31-2008, 10:48 AM
VGhead VGhead is offline
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Default Tutorial Trouble

I followed the wiki tutorial to the letter and when I start the game it instantly crashs.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this?
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Old 05-31-2008, 11:27 AM
Gnafa Gnafa is offline
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Your vgclient.log or some crash log should tell you what went wrong. It is probably some XML file that couldn't be found.
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Old 05-31-2008, 11:43 AM
VGhead VGhead is offline
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I found the file but I can't make heads or tails of it.
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Old 05-31-2008, 12:54 PM
Customprofile Customprofile is offline
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When you do a mod you have to change the Index.xml and the SkinInfo.xml. Find the part in the Index file that reads:
<SystemWindows directory="Windows"> and <GameplayWindows directory="Windows"> and change them to: <SystemWindows directory="..\Default\Windows"> and <GameplayWindows directory="..\Default\Windows">

You have to make the changes in the Index and SkinInfo so the game will know were to get the rest of the files from.

The SkinInfo.xml find: <AnimationDefinitions directory="Textures"> and change to <AnimationDefinitions directory="..\Default\Textures">

So then you should have a folder in the Shells folder were your mod is called, CustomUI(or what ever you named it) then inside that folder you should have Index.xml and SkinInfo.xml and then another folder called Windows. (See picture in attachment as an example)

The easiest way to to copy the Index and SkinInfo files from the Default folder to your mod folder then edit them. This way at the bottom of the Index.xml file you can add your modded files. Example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
<XML id="SGOUIMarkupLanguage" version="0.1"
xsi:schemaLocation=" ../../vanguard-ui.xsd">
<!-- These windows are required for the client to startup. They are loaded at initial run-time.
Removing windows or window components from these files is likely to cause crashes. -->
<SystemWindows directory="..\Default\Windows">
<Window filename="VGUICharacterCreationWnd.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIChatWnd.xml"/>
<!-- <Window filename="VGUICompass.xml"/> -->
<Window filename="VGUIExaminePopups.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIHotkeyMacro.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIHotkeys.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUILoginWnd.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIMainBar.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUISettingsWnd.xml"/>
<!-- These gameplay windows are loaded when you enter the game.
Gameplay windows are significantly safer to edit than system windows. -->
<GameplayWindows directory="..\Default\Windows">
<Window filename="RiftMaps.xml"/>
<Window filename="SettingsCustomWindows.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIAbilities.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIAcceptDecline.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIAssembly.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIAssemblyTimer.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIAssemblyTrainer.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIAttachedAbilities.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIAttackResultsDisplay.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIBank.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIBugReport.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIBuildingConstruction.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIBuildingInformationWnd.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIBuildingInventory.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICastBar.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICharacter.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIClaimWnd.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICombatInv.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIConversion.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICorpseList.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICountdown.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICrafting.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICraftingActions.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICraftingCatalyst.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICraftingComplications.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICraftingInventory.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICraftingRemedies.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICraftingToolbelts.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICraftingWorkbench.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICraftingWorkbenchFilling.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICurrentWorkOrders.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIDeathReleasePopup.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIDialogs.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIEncounterDisplay.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIEventDisplay.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIEventDisplayEntry.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIGroup.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIGroupLootOptions.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIGuildManagement.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIHarvestingDisplay.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIInspect.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIInventory.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIInventoryContainerTemplate.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIInventoryPopups.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUILoot.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIMailWnd.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIMaintainedAbilities.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIMap.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIMarketWnd.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIMemTimeRemaining.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIMerchant.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIMinions.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIMiniMap.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUINPCOptionsMenu.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIObjectInteraction.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIParley.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIPet.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIPetitionWnd.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIPlayerStatus.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIQuests.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIQuestStatus.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIRandomLootInvitation.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIReactions.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIRecipeTrainer.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIRefiningActions.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIRefiningAlerts.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIRefiningStart.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIRefiningStatus.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUISailing.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUISocialWnd.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUISong.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUITaskMasterWorkOrders.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUITrade.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUITrainer.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUITutorial.xml"/>
<Window filename="DiplomacyComponents\VGUIParleyCard.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIParleyStrategy.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUITestData.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIRaidManagement.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUITargetBuffs.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUITargetBuffsNoText.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUITargetDebuffs.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUITargetDebuffsNoText.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUITargetDebuffsMine.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUITargetWeaknesses.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUITargetWeaknessesNoText.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIIconTargetSpellsAndWeaknesses.xml"/> 
<!-- Modded Files -->
<GameplayWindows directory="Windows"> 
<Window filename="VGUIClock.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUIClockInfo.xml"/>
<Window filename="VGUICompass.xml"/>
<Window filename="LinksWindow.xml"/>
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Old 05-31-2008, 02:52 PM
VGhead VGhead is offline
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That stopped the crashes but now its got no backgrounds.
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Old 05-31-2008, 03:46 PM
Customprofile Customprofile is offline
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Location: Birmingham, AL
Posts: 85
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Backgrounds come from the SkinInfo.xml file. Make sure it and the Index.xml are in the mod folder and you changed the line in SkinInfo like in my other post.

The SkinInfo.xml find: <AnimationDefinitions directory="Textures"> and change to <AnimationDefinitions directory="..\Default\Textures">
Changing that line tell it to look into the Default folder for the backgrounds/images it needs to display.
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