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Old 12-29-2012, 06:42 AM
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Default TBird Drox UI Compilation - Features

As of version 2.9 here is the list of features, or at least most of them.

Base Features:
  • DroxUI with all updates to be compatible with the latest update (12/18/2012).
  • TBird Drox Setup to easily change options available, see below for features selectable.
  • Commerce Window icon is dragable, and now small SC symbol
  • Gap Fix. Some video cards experience gaps in parts of the UI, these are fixed with the updates included.
  • Infomap 2.7 by Soresha and crew
  • MiniCards Diplo UI by Soresha and crew
  • GearSwitcher by Soresha and Crew (Can be turned on or off in TBird Drox Setup)
  • Zepheris's Web Window by Zepheris
  • CoreUI Emotes button (selectable from TBird Drox Settings in game)
  • CoreUI Merchant Window
  • TBird Shortcut Bar (selectable from the TBird Drox Settings in game)
  • Tbird Stats Window (Selectable from the TBird Drox Settings in game)
  • TBird Combat Stats Window (Selectable from the TBird Drox Setting in game)
  • Group Healer Hot Bars
  • Info windows showing vital stats of your character
  • Buff Bar
  • TBird Waypoint Tracker (Select-ble from TBird Drox Settings)
  • Minimal look to avoid screen clutter
  • All HUD's reworked to for a clean minimal look
  • And much more....

In game Selectable Features:
Features available from settings in game (go to game menu and select "TBird Drox Settings")*:
  • Save and Load Layouts in Layout Tab
  • Info Bar tab to select stats to be displayed in game, including the TBird Waypoint Tracker, clock, and more.
  • HUD tab to select horizontal, and vertical group windows, various encounter HUDs, and group healer hotbar selections.
  • Hotbars tab to turn on or off various additional hotbars, vertical bars, horizontal bars, 3x4 bars, and so forth. Added to the Drox set, a 4x36 HotBar
  • Misc Bars Tab to select various other bars such as melee, ranged, forms, menu, reactions (including the TBird Split Horizontal Reaction Bar), toolbelts, buffer hot bar, and more. Sizes or orientation options available for nearly all of them.
  • Buffs Tab to select windows for player buffs, player debuffs, player maintained abilities, target buffs, target debuffs, target weaknesses, and more. Again in several different variants, including the minimal TBird Icon versions.
  • Windows tab for various panels and windows including, player, pet, defensive, CoreUI emotes, TBird Shortcut Panel, TBird Stats Panel, and more.
  • Panels tab to add various backgrounds to have included in your UI.

* As a note, I am in no way claiming the Control Panel (TBird Drox Settings) is my work, it is part of the fine work of Drox, I have merely added features that can be selected from it.

Setup Program Features:
Features available from TBird Drox Setup (in the root shell folder for the UI run "TBird Drox Setup"):
Choice of crafting windows:
  • New Maddy/Core Blend crafting blending both MaddyCraft and CoreFlashCraft.
  • MaddyCraft 2.12
  • Default Crafting windows
Choice of three styles of Quest/Abilities windows.
  • Book Style
  • Core3UI Style
  • Default Style
Choice of Hotbars (All types, horizontal, main, 12x12, forms, reactions, etc..)
  • Original Drox Size (35px)
  • Smaller Drox Size (28px)
  • Large Drox Size (40px)
Choice of Bank/Bag Windows
  • Original Bank/Bag Windows
  • Smaller Bank/Bag Windows

Choice of Buff Windows
  • Original Drox Buff Windows
  • Smaller Drox Buff Windows
Choice of Quest Tracker
  • Smaller Quest tracker
  • Default
Choice of Drox Buffer Hot Bars
  • Smaller Version
  • Default
Choice of Gaming Hot Bars
  • G19
  • G15
Choice of GearSwitcher on or off

Hope I do not miss anyone...
  • Drox : For creating and maintaing the UI till he left Vanguard.
  • Craete : For continuing the Drox UI project
  • Miggy : For the initial work on the Abilities and Quest journals.
  • Kilatre : For extensive help creating and support the N52 hotbar.
  • Mother9987 : For the excellent example Compass/Clock mod ported from Jaxel's OCD EQ2 mod.
  • MadOverlord : For the fantastic Maddy Crafting v2.12 Mod
  • Nadger : For his great work on the Core3UI project
  • Soresha : For the work on Mini Diplo Cards, Gearswitcher and InfoMap projects
  • ...and many other mod developers for their help and inspiration along the way.

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