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Nadger 01-17-2007 06:28 AM

Nadgers HUD Pack
Downloads: A new file has been added by Nadger:

Nadgers HUD Pack r1

,,,.-*^[Nadgers HUD Pack 1.0 r1]^*-.,,,
(01685 Build)

This HUD Pack can be installed to ANY UI!

R1 Released
  • * Added a new main HUD called Cradle HUD
  • * Added a new vertical group HUD
  • * Added a new dot con HUD option
  • * Added a new HUD extra: Target Level
  • * Added 3 group window options (horizontal, vertical-up, and vertical-down)
  • * Added upwards expanding states & abilities lists in extras.
  • * Overhauled Options Window using Parmon's code as a frame...still not done with this window but its good enough for release...just not pretty.
  • * Added Group HUD (beware, you cant target yourself with this yet, only group members)
  • * Added an optional Offensive Target window for those of you who dont like HUDs
  • * Added support for aggressive mobs that have not detected you.
  • * Added support for ownership on Numerical HUD.
  • * Added support for the new stories window on char creation
  • * Fixed a few windows that were not saving that you turned them off.

Instead of blocky boring frames with bars in them to monitor everything you need to in game, I have created a HUD (heads up display) pack that is included with this UI. They allow you to monitor information without having to take your eyes off the action. This Build relies heavily on an alpha version of my HUD Pack which will be available separately soon.

HUD Pack Features:
You can currently select between 7 main HUDs, more will be added soon.
  • Wing HUD - A very small and compact horizontal HUD that shows bars for everything (HP, Target HP, Energy, Endurance, Defensive Target Life) as well as the direction & range of your target, Target's name & Target's Target.
  • Kinked HUD - A largel horizontal HUD that shows 2 bars for your health and your targets health. Then Numerical percentages for your energy & endurance as well as the direction & range of your target, Target's name & Target's Target.
  • Numeric HUD - A wide yet very unobtrusive HUD that has no bars, only percentages & text to display everything you need to monitor.
  • Edge HUD - Smaller horizontal wedge shaped bars for your HP and Targets HP. everything else besides defensive target is also displayed via text.
  • Eclipse HUD - Wide horizontal half circle with many sections that make up each bar.
  • GoldenEye HUD - Similar to ArcHUD from wow, this hud wraps to the side of your character. These bars are vertical and provide a nice alternative to the under character HUDs.
  • Celtic HUD - This is a somewhat smaller hud that draws inspiration from a simple celtic knot.

HUD Pack Extras:
Any of the following can be turned on or off in the options window
  • Con & Dot Con of Target - This very small & compact HUD will display the color con of your target as well as a numerical representation of its Dot Con. It is in its own window and can be placed anywhere you like while in layout mode.
  • Combat Text - This displays how much your target hit you for, and if you block parry or dodge. It can be placed anywhere you like.
  • Target Abilities List - This display will show you what spells & effects your target currently is under. It can be placed anywhere you like. This is 99% Drox's code.
  • Target Sates List - This display will show you what states your target is currently in. It can be placed anywhere you like. This is 99% Drox's code.
  • Combat Status Text - This will display the Overlooked! etc info wherever you want to put it
  • Virtue/Jin/Phenomenon HUD - This is a small vertical status bar that shows your current progress towards a change in Virtue rank. It of course also displays your current virtue rank in large numbers & can be placed anywhere you like.
  • Defensive Target HUD - This is a small horizontal bar that will display your defensive targets Lifepoints & their name. It is redundant in WingHUD but is useful in the others. It can be placed anywhere you like.
  • Pet HP HUD - This is a small horizontal bar that will display your pets HP. It can be placed anywhere you like.
  • Progressive Form HUD - This is a small HUD that displays your current progress in your form. Only available to bloodmages, bards, rangers & dreadknights.

Installing Nadgers Hud Pack:


1. Find your vanguard UI folder (c:\Programs Files\Sony\Vanguard\VGUIAssets\Shells is default folder)
2. Extract this ZIP there so that it makes its own directory (example: c:\Programs Files\Sony\Vanguard\VGUIAssets\Shells\NadgersHUDPa ck)
3. Open \Vanguard\bin\vgclient.ini (if you can't see file extensions, it's the vgclient file referred to as 'Configuration Settings' by Windows)

Go to the section marked as [UI]
Change ShellName=Default to ShellName=NadgersHUDPack
Save the ini
4. Run Vanguard!

INSTRUCTIONS FOR INSTALLING NADGER'S HUD PACK TO A CUSTOM INTERFACE (I will use Drox's as an example...where DroxUI is the name of his UI folder)

1. Copy NadgersHUDPack.xml to the \DroxUI\Windows\ directory in your Vanguard UI folder.
2. Copy HUDs.xml & HUD-Pack.tga to the \DroxUI\Textures\ directory
3. With Notepad, open SkinInfo.xml in the \DroxUI folder.

4. Find this section:

<!-- Custom Animations -->
<AnimationDefinitions directory="Textures">
<AnimationDefinition filename="DroxParts.xml"/>
<!-- End: Custom Animations -->

and add <AnimationDefinition filename="HUDs.xml"/> so it looks like this

<!-- Custom Animations -->
<AnimationDefinitions directory="Textures">
<AnimationDefinition filename="DroxParts.xml"/>
<AnimationDefinition filename="HUDs.xml"/>
<!-- End: Custom Animations -->

5. Save the file.

6. With Notepad, open index.xml in the \DroxUI\ folder

7. find this section:

<!-- Backgrounds needs to be loaded first. -->
<SystemWindows directory="Windows">
<Window filename="Drox_Backgrounds.xml"/>

and add <Window filename="NadgersHUDPack.xml"/> so it looks like this:

<!-- Backgrounds needs to be loaded first. -->
<SystemWindows directory="Windows">
<Window filename="Drox_Backgrounds.xml"/>
<Window filename="NadgersHUDPack.xml"/>

8. Save the file.

Special Thanks to:
  • Parmon - Putting up with me in IM while i asked for his opinion on everything & suggestions
  • Grimmier - Putting up with me in IM while i asked for his opinion on everything & his buff/debuff window code
  • Drox - Allowing me to use his target State Window and Inflight Abilities window.
  • Cxcrd - Being my only real fan
  • Zowch - Adding in syntax I requested & posting on cleaning up my code
  • VG Custom UI Forums & - Having a great community for feedback & place to host this.

Ryuno 01-17-2007 07:03 AM

Good job man! :)

eveario 01-17-2007 08:00 AM

Superb. Great Idea. Very useful.

Inferno 01-17-2007 12:38 PM

Cool. I do have a question though, is there a way to turn off the HUD? I want to try different ones out and also try out the way things were without them to see which I prefer. But with most things, when you click the second time it turns off. Not with the HUDs. So I was wondering is there a way to turn them off?

Kharzon 01-17-2007 06:33 PM

I'm using DroxUI atm and can't figure out how to bring up your HUD options.

Nadger 01-17-2007 08:12 PM

Ryuno - far its looking good that ill get everything in by launch

eveario - Thank you, should get even more useful next patch when I add group HUDs.

Inferno - not atm, I will add a turn off all huds button in the next version.

Kharzon - there should be a green Options Button somewhere on your screen, its default location is above where your combat log might be if you have on on the right side of your screen.

pwR 01-18-2007 11:38 PM

Kinked version looks awesome.

If I may suggest something for an update. Instead of a percentage for the mana and endurance, make a small bar add on to that. I think it'd look pretty neat.

Nadger 01-19-2007 01:48 AM

I might do some individual bars as extras since many of the HUDs only show hp in bars and not mana/endurance. That wont be for a few updates though.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Kilatre 01-19-2007 05:16 AM

Awesome! Definitely getting added to my UI. Thanks!

Pavo 01-19-2007 07:21 AM

Very impresive Nadger. I really like how you approached each one differently and they look so sharp to boot. Well done!

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