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Cairenn 05-14-2011 07:11 PM

SOE Restores Game Services
SOE has announced that they are starting to bring their game servers back up. No doubt it will take a while for them to get everything back online, but they're working on it now. YAY!


We deeply apologize for the breach in our system, the threat of compromised data and the inconveniences this outage has caused our players. We take this issue extremely seriously and want to assure you that we have and will use laser-like focus to protect the data you have entrusted to us.

Our top priority is the safety and security of your personal information. We have taken the necessary steps, including applying new technology and safeguards to protect your information so that you can feel confident about playing our games.

We know you are frustrated and, again, we cannot thank you enough for your patience during this difficult time. As our games are restored, we will require customers to change their Station Account passwords as an added security measure. This password can be changed by clicking on a link that will be provided in an email or by visiting (N.B. This is the link to change your password.)

To show our gratitude for your patience and support, we are offering a welcome back package that includes special game content and services. For details on SOE's welcome back program, click here.

Additionally, to help provide peace of mind to those whose accounts were involved in the attack, we are offering customers an opportunity to enroll in a free identity theft protection program. Details of this program can be found by clicking here. Please note you will have to log in and reset your password before you can sign up for the complimentary program.

For more information, please see our Restoration Announcement.

We are committed to delivering secure, stable and entertaining games for players of all ages, and we thank you again for your time and support.

Sony Online Entertainment

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