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Sarrene 01-22-2009 05:55 PM

Your UI Wish list/Question
I am hopefully, going to have a chance to ask a few questions in the coming weeks (months?) and I would like to get a short list of wish lists that you as modders and players have been storing up. So I'm setting up a list. I may as well get started on it now.

So here is what i would like to hear from everyone (modder and player alike)
Two top things on your wish list.
One question you would like to ask the devs.
Please try to keep them as short and direct as possible. I know it is hard at times, especially for me.
My wish list:
Full control over font size and colour
re-enable the /uiwinscale saving capabilities

My Question for the devs:
What are the most important changes you are or wil be working on next with the gui?

Taldaas 01-22-2009 06:10 PM

Really? 2 is all we get? Ok, I'll try;

/savehotkeys or some similar command would be awesome.
More key bindings... I really don't get why these are limited at all.

My question:
Is there any kind of timeline on when you would like to begin working on adding some more items to the UI?

techywarrior 01-22-2009 06:17 PM

Item #1: Can we please for the love of all that is held holy be given the ability to sort, search, or in any way clean up the crafting recipe lists.

Item #2: Due to the fact that minions and pets now despawn when you mount or a variety of other things can we either have the pet/minion default to the last set state (follow, stay, etc) or have a gamevar added to tell us the current minion/pet state so that I can make the highlight in CoreUI more accurate.

Question: Is there anything that we as the mod community can do to help make the UI better?

I can't decide on a question and they all sound stupid. Why can't we just get a few hours of dev love per patch for UI items damn it!

Kyel 01-22-2009 06:50 PM

Ability to Mod Inv bags (allinone)
as the OP I want to be able to control Font(scale,color,type) for chat and UI(tooltips,overhead names, etc)

Why after more than a year do i still have to /flush several times a play session to clear up bugged ui windows( Quest log, Market, etc) and When can we finally expect these bugs fixed?

I know this is #3 but.. this

eugam 01-23-2009 02:57 AM

1) Remove auto display of tooltips on bags and others. This is a UI feature and should be controlled by that. If there is no tooltip tag in the xml, then there should be no tooltip. This means alos that the settings "Use ALT for tooltip" should work consistently on anything.

2) Let us mod position of tooltips and all other popup windows. There was/is a default position for them, but a lot was hardcoded and doesnt care for the posittion of that window.

#1+2 are almost gamebreakers. On a 1280x1024 screen i cant see the wardrobe in 99% of all cases. The tooltip is hovering over my char and i cant see how the item looks on my char.

Craeat 01-23-2009 08:23 AM

#1 add a game variable to show the state of lock ui.
#2 add the commands to save diplo decks similar to /saveui, etc.

When are we going to get a more publicly accessable UI dev to ask questions to about the UI so we can do our work easier and better.


Kruhed 01-23-2009 11:43 AM

#1) I would like to see crafting recipes be able to be sorted by tiers, then continental style, or something of that nature (Just Like Assembly Items for boats, Swamp Armor) to make it easier to use.

#2) Allow us to suggest variables/ideas to Devs. Example: /gvlist has FishingSelection (spelling?) as a built in variable, but it is based on which fish is selected on the Fishing Tab. There is no way to make it based on your offensive target so the combo for the fish that is currently on the line can show up while fishing so you don't have to look for every fish and miss a movement.

Since the game was launched, I have noticed an improvement then slow decline of performance of the game when visiting multiple chunks without using /flush all (which tends to crash the game sometimes) Is there something that can be done about the memory management so /flush doesn't need to be used as often to keep FPS up and hitching down?

morbatail 01-24-2009 08:45 AM

Biggest thing:
Crafting Recipes....Please let us sort them by teir and contintant. Granted I am only a level 34 Blacksmith but I have all contintental styles and trying to find the one I want is causing hair loss.

The other thing would have to be sigils for crafting. this elusive beast I have yet to see and would like to see another way of getting them one that will take adventuring and crafting to complete. After all I craft till I am cross-eyed and drooling most of the time and come to the conclusion that I am cursed (or not very liked by the slave (I mean Task) masters that give me my assignments.

I really dont know of anything else becouse I love this game and If i say what I want Sarrene will beat me severly about the head neck and shoulders the whole time mumbling about "flying Squirels" so I wont bring it up.

Merrygrin 01-24-2009 11:16 AM

Better macro editing capabilities (cut/paste etc).

Any plans on improving the log outputs.

Sarrene 01-24-2009 11:22 AM

Cannot cut or copy in game.. however you can paste in game. Copy something from out side the game, then open up your macro window, click in the box and hit CTRL+V :)

I hope that helps some?


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