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WarpedJester 11-02-2005 08:14 PM

We will miss you Keith
With the passing of Keith Parkinson the world loses a very talented and caring artist and visionary. I like many other people knew of Keith’s work before I knew the person. When I first heard Keith had passed away I had to look up his name to find out who he was, and when I did, a great weight settled into my chest.

Sadly I never got to meet Keith but I have enjoyed his work for many years. After hearing the saddening news, I took the time to learn about Keith and the work he did, because of this, I now have gained a new understanding of the person and a new appreciation for the work. I encourage others to take some time to enjoy his work and give a moment of silent to a wonderful and caring person that will forever be remembered through his art and his kindness.

Thank you Keith for everything you gave to this world, you will be missed greatly.

You can enjoy some of Keith’s work here:

Some kind words have been posted on these sites:

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