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Trivia Challenge Details
Our Trivia Challenge has come to an end. Good luck to every one who entered. Winners will be drawn soon and contacted. Please check our news for more information. Thanks for your participation!

Come celebrate with us!

As you saw on our news page, we’re celebrating our 10th Anniversary! But, what’s a celebration without games and giveaways? So, we’re holding these trivia challenges on all of our sites. There are 10 questions on each site: each question has three answers to choose between and there is only one correct answer for each question. Each correct answer will give you an entry into the giveaway on that site. Some questions may be the same across all of the sites and some may be different. You can learn about the history of our sites by reading the About Us page and the Timeline.

We’ve partnered up with SOE to have nifty stuff to give away to VGInterface’s community:
  • 1000 Station Cash (x10)
  • VG:SoH double sided poster, 22” w x 28” h (x16)
  • SOE Flashlight/bottle opener keychain & SOE Pen (x2)

There are will be different prizes on the other sites: swag that is appropriate for that particular community, so make sure to check out the other ones if you play any of them.

Make sure that the email address associated with your MMOUI account is correct and current, as that is how winners will be notified. Any winner who can’t be contacted by email forfeits their prize and another winner will be selected in their place.

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Bonus Prize
As well, we have a bonus prize exclusively for our registered users. We have 80 (yes, you read that right, 80) headsets we are giving away. All you have to do is take a 30 question survey to be entered for your chance to win a GameCom 380 Headset. Once you get through the trivia challenge, be sure to do the survey and be entered for a chance to win.
Please login or register to take this survey for your chance to win one of these nice headsets.
Trivia Questions
1) What other (community) sites have we hosted over the years? (CT mods, WoWAce, WoWInterface Development Network (WDN) (later renamed as Wowcompares), Sha’kahr, Minion, WoW UI Designer, Sidl Widl, EQ2Maps, GoBerserker)

2) What was the name of Dolby's original graphical user interface customization site?

3) Which is our most recent site?

4) What was our first site?

5) What is the over-all name for our network of interface sites?

6) When did Vanguard: Saga of Heroes launch?

7) In what order did we open our sites?

8) How many sites do we currently have?

9) When did we open VGInterface?

10) When did our first site open?

More Trivia!
We are holding these trivia challenges on all of our sites. If you play any of the other games that we have sites for, be sure to take the challenge on those sites as well.
  • EQInterface
  • EQ2Interface
  • LotROInterface (also for our DDO users)
  • RiftUI
  • SecretUI
  • VGInterface
  • WoWInterface
Trivia Rules
  • This contest is open to anywhere that residents are allowed to participate in contests and to people of all ages. Please note: While we are shipping globally, you may have fees to pay to receive your prize due to your country's customs. We cannot pay them, so please be aware of this fact.
  • You can answer up to ten trivia questions per site. Each question has three answers to choose between. There is only one correct answer for each question. Each correct answer counts for one entry for the prizes on that site. The winners are chosen at random from all MMOUI users who participated on that site. ZAM assumes no responsibility for lost, misdirected or late entries or entries whose participant has an invalid email address.
  • Prizes are awarded through a random selection of all entrants per site. The cut-off for entries is 11:59 PM on Wednesday, September 12, 2012. See each particular site for a list of the prizes being offered on that site.
  • No one may win more than one prize. While you may enter multiple times, you can't walk away with multiple prizes. A random prize from whichever site the winner was drawn from will be awarded to that winner. We cannot accommodate requests for a specific prize.
  • The bonus Plantronics Headsets will be selected by random drawing from all entrants that take the survey, regardless of which site they entered from. The cut-off for entries is 11:59 PM on Wednesday, September 12, 2012.
  • If you win, we will send you an email from an domain. Make sure that your email address in our database is correct, as any winner who can’t be contacted forfeits their prize and another winner will be selected in their place.
  • We reserve the right to disqualify any fraudulent entry.
For additional rules and qualifications, see here.

All times are GMT -5. The time now is 04:04 AM.

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